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Like many of the projects I’m asked to do, early learning centers were an unknown quantity to me. I had no idea the industry is so complex and yet simple. ELC’s are like an intricate machine made up of hundreds of little cogs, all with one goal: to keep kids safe while helping getting them socialized for regular school.

While writing up the proposal, I scoured the web for examples of other ELCs. Interestingly enough, many of them had the same look and feel—childlike font use, bright colors and a lot of flowers. My client was a bit different—she liked the idea of using an image of a flower to impart growth and blooming, but she didn’t want to use bright colors, instead choosing a bit more subdued route.

Included in the project is illustration, signage for buildings, pylon signs, hall markers, and vehicles. The print and web pieces included fillable forms, charts, tables and handbooks. It was a fun, rewarding project.

Client: H&H Early Learning Center

Project: Comprehensive Branding

Date: 2016-2018

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