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For the past eight months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kaladi Coffee. Kaladi Coffee is a local roaster that sells coffee as well as supplies it to over 40 retailers. I was brought on to design two informational brochures using some of the elements from their new packaging and website. My first challenge was to utilize the current design gracefully without using too much. In other words, I wanted to tread some of the path the first designer had set without following his footsteps exactly. I used the branded colors (or what has come to be the branded colors), adding a cool third to the two warm for balance.

Challenge number two was to organize and edit the content to make it more user friendly. My big drawback was that I didn’t know the first thing about coffee—I don’t drink it and other than some general knowledge about deforestation, I was clueless about the finer points. Luckily, Kaladi had me covered. Unlike a lot of my past clients, Kaladi had a plethora of copy to choose from as they have another line of brochures that detail the specifics of the coffee industry. That’s where challenge number 2 came in—there was almost too much copy. Because the brochures were going to be small—each page being 5.5″ x 6″—I wanted to tell a very succinct A-to-B-to-C… story. With the owner’s broadstroke advice, I went through all the existing PDFs and began to weed out what to keep, what to disregard. I edited current copy and wrote new. I converted some of the copy to info graphics and bullet points because we all know people have very short attention spans these days.

The result is two brochures that illustrate the Kaladi mission as well as educate on what makes a good cup of coffee.

Client: Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Project: Misc Brochures, copywriting and illustration

Date: 2014-2015

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