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Illustration was one of my root design skills. Before I ever went to school to study design, I was working as an illustrator for a manufacturing company and small businesses. As my career progressed, however, I had to put that skill to rest in favor of general design. Lately, however, illustration has become a much-desired asset so I’ve have opportunities to jump back in.

With the Kaladi job, my goal was to create several new illustrations for their coffee roasters. The art had to show the details of the roasting process while fitting seamlessly with their current work. I first researched the machines by talking with the owner and doing an on-site examination. I first did sketches and had them approved and then began building the art. I started off in Illustrator and then moved on to Photoshop, getting approvals at each stage. The resulting drawings are versatile—I can pull apart the elements for use in other formats as well as other drawings.

Client: Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Project: Misc Signage and illustration

Date: 2014-2015

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