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Vander Kooi & Associates, a long-time client, is a company that provides management expertise to the construction and landscape industry. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and speak at seminars, conferences and trade shows around North America. Recently, they told me they needed a reprint of a project I designed for them back in 2009.

Because times have changed and shipping is so expensive, I knew I needed to be thrifty. I needed to design not only for looks but also paper costs and final shipping I reworked the design, reducing the gutters and margins by .125.” Just this small amount reduced the page count by 64 pages. Not only did this reduce the overall weight, it saved quite a bit on paper costs. In 2009, the printing was a 2-color cover with black and white insides. This time, even though we kept to the B&W insides, we were able to print a full-color cover and still save over $4,000 in printing costs.

Client: Vander Kooi & Assoc

Project: Book design, project management

Date: 2013

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