Hot Creative


Illustration is another skill I offer my clients. It’s also a side pleasure because I’m an inveterate doodler. From a young age, all my school notes include some sort of drawing. My skills come naturally, in that my father excels at technical drawing and my mother is a visual artist. 

Drawing comes in handy while designing. For example, I almost always sketch out logo ideas first, finding that it frees up my brain to explore avenues I might not otherwise, surrounded (as it were) by machinery and applications. I’m comfortable with many varieties of illustration: digital, traditional—it’s all good.

word on the street:

“When I first thought about starting Grandma Friday, a service-oriented business, Gayle was amazingly helpful. Not only did she design my business cards and flyers, she was also an invaluable source of ideas on how and where to market my service, what demographics I should target and how to get started. She’s always willing to go above and beyond and is so much more than a creative graphic designer. Gayle Marquez is a whole-business consultant.”

Mary Ann Lucero